Friday, April 27, 2012

Hand Mouth and Foot Holy Hell

Yet again my kids daycare has an outbreak of some crazy crap.  It just happened to have 2 infected kids with Hand, Mouth, and Foot disease IN my sons classroom. It just so happens that the only ones that can have really horrible problems from this is women in their 3rd trimester... I am 37 weeks pregnant!  I have read TONS of information on this and am terrified.  If the baby is born with it a lot of bad stuff can happen and people that are affected stay that way for MONTHS.  It just so happened that it starts off with a sore throat and fever and guess what I have...

It takes a long time to get rid of and can end up with you losing your finger and toe nails.

I am pretty close to considering rethinking my whole working full time and allowing someone to put my kids in danger.  This is ridiculous.

I really hope that this whole throat/fever thing is just a coincidence... 
We have pulled out our son from daycare just to be safe.

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