Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blue Dog Belle: It's the Weekend! let's kick it off with a {Giveaw...

Blue Dog Belle: It's the Weekend! let's kick it off with a {Giveaw...: I'm so glad it's a long weekend, how about y'all? I'm planning on relaxing and catching up on the DVR. Maybe a beach day? some shopping. who...

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Demitria Lunetta: 300 Follower Giveaway!: In honor of my nearly 300 blog followers and over 300 to-reads on Goodreads, I’m having a giveaway! The winner will get a $30  Amazon gift...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2nd baby

I have been home from the hospital for a week now with Remington.  I am really bored, haha.  I wasn't someone that ever wanted to stay at home with kids so this is hard for me.  I will returning back to work in August.

He is a really good baby so I am lucky this time around.  The first kiddo had colic and was a MESS for the first 3 months.  We have to take him to the doc today for reflux.  It is amazing that both of my kids were born with that, but if that's the worst of it I'LL TAKE IT.

This c section is kicking my ass this second time.  The tubal ligation was HORRIBLE.  I barely feel the incision cut, it's the damn tubes being tied that hurts really bad.  I wonder why they failed to tell me how much the tubal would hurt.  Not like I wouldn't have done it anyways... just would have been more prepared.

Let's recap. Soldier, Veteran, Wife, Mother of TWO, and now sterile at 28 years old!

My body couldn't have handled another kid, but that's for a different post some other day.

Blue Dog Belle: It's the Weekend! let's kick it off with a {Giveaw...

Blue Dog Belle: It's the Weekend! let's kick it off with a {Giveaw...: I'm so glad it's a long weekend, how about y'all? I'm planning on relaxing and catching up on the DVR. Maybe a beach day? some shopping. who...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Blue Dog Belle: It's the Weekend! let's kick it off with a {Giveaw...

Blue Dog Belle: It's the Weekend! let's kick it off with a {Giveaw...: I'm so glad it's a long weekend, how about y'all? I'm planning on relaxing and catching up on the DVR. Maybe a beach day? some shopping. who...

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beauty in the chaos: my very first GIVEAWAY!!!: I have decided to do a giveaway of a very popular, must have product that I sell on a regular basis, as an Independent Thirty-One consultant...

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Remington John Kunkler

He was born by c section May 18th at 10:11 am, weighing in at 9 lbs 8 oz, 22 inches long...


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Thursday, May 17, 2012

C section is tomorrow!

Last day of looking like this!

Gotta love the look on Ray Ray's face.  That's the only way I am able to hold him now.

Things they fail to mention when it comes to pregnancy

1. Your ass will bleed. Hemorrhoids during pregnancy are horrible. I can not wait until my butt is my butt again and not some unraveling mess.  Couldn't have survived without baby wipes.  Sometimes they get so bad it feels like bubble gum is hanging out of your ass.

2. You better be wearing a liner at ALL times because you NEVER know what is going to happen.  Forget your water breaking, you will have many months of things leaking out.

3. If this isn't your first baby don't expect a lot of help.  You are expected to be a master at all of this already.

4. If you are lucky like me your boobs start leaking REALLY early. I am talking 5 months with my first pregnancy. This time I was lucky and didn't have too much of an issue with them.

-weird fact: your boobs don't fully mature until you become pregnant, i read it in one of the MANY pregnancy books.

5. Not everyone has crazy cravings. No pickles and ice cream for me. I liked milkshakes and carmel apples, but I like those a lot already. One time I HAD to have a gyro, but I didn't slather it with something off the wall either. Some people crave things that you are not supposed to eat... like dirt and soap. I'll pass...

6. Everyone that is pregnant is not a happy, shiny, I love everything about this experience, kind of person.  I was the farthest thing away from that.  Most people can't believe that I had more than one kid because of how horrible the first one was for me.

7. Morning sickness is misleading.  You can have it all day, every day or in the afternoon or night or all of the above.  I really have no advice on this one. Nothing helped for me. Your doctor can prescribe you something, but read about the birth defects and what category it is in before you take anything.

8. It is true that every pregnancy is different. And everyone will have suggestions for you. EVERYONE.

9. Eventually you will get so big you can't see your own crotch.  I haven't seen mine in months although I am pretty sure it is still there.

10. Never ask a pregnant woman if she is carrying twins.  I want to punch people.  Everyone carries babies differently.  Plus, why the hell are they asking if they are fat themselves?  What is THEIR excuse?

Monday, May 14, 2012

4 Days

All I have to do is just wake up on Friday and this will be coming to a close.  Granted having a c section before it is not easy knowing exactly what I will have to go through all over again...
the procedure, recovery time, all of it.

Yeah, I don't have to push, but I am messed up for MONTHS.  It took me 11 weeks after the surgery to be able to stand up without my insides feeling like they were going to fall out of my incision.

The joys of being a disabled vet.  My physical therapist told me that if I tried pushing out the big ass kids that we produce there would be a chance of going paralyzed with my current back issues from Iraq.
I would do it all over again, but in all honesty C SECTIONS SUCK.

I would like to be able to just fast forward a week since it will probably be Monday before I am released from the hospital.  I am not sentimental so LET'S JUST SKIP ALL THE CRAP.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fridays Appt

I went to the high risk clinic Friday to be assessed for the hand foot and mouth exposure to the baby.  I was told that hopefully by the time I have him on the 18th that my body made and transferred antibodies to him so that if he doesn't already have it he will be able to fight it off better since we are still carriers for 8 weeks after having it ourselves.

I was also told that no one in the family is allowed to even kiss the baby because of how contagious this is.  And that we will have to have hand sanitizer enforced by everyone.  That makes me really upset, but what am I going to do about it.  I am going to enforce everyone to wear masks around him while we are at the hospital.  This is all just a bunch of bullshit.
This whole pregnancy didn't suck until the very end.  See with Ray Ray he sucked from day 1 with all of the bleeding and everything.  This baby hasn't had any issues until NOW.

I just hope that he is ok.  This is all pretty scary for me.

And for everyone that keeps telling me not to worry...

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease and Pregnancy

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease during pregnancy can affect the health of the child adversely. There can be cases of spontaneous abortion. Enteroviral attack in the third semester can give rise to Hand Foot and Mouth Disease in babies during the first month after birth.
Hand Foot and Mouth Disease in pregnancy is very serious for the health of the unborn baby. In pregnant women, the virus can be transmitted through the placenta of the mother and affect the child. In case of a Coxsackie virus type A infection, there can be fetal deformities. The child may be born with some defects. Virus A infection in third semester can lead to the birth of a stillborn baby in some cases.
Coxsackie virus B infection does not give rise to any physical deformity in the infant. However, the child may suffer from mild fever and Meningitis Encephalitis, Epilepsy and Myocarditis in severe cases. Liver necrosis can also result in death in infants suffering from Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

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Mother Natures JOKE

So before you have a baby everyone tells you to get as much sleep as possible...
like I haven't done this before or anything... remember I do have a 13 month old.
Are you serious?  The amount of pain I am in and how HUGE I am it is impossible to rest, let alone SLEEP.  I am pretty convinced it is all one big joke.

Every time I get up or even move it feels like this kid is about to make his entrance, i.e. fall out of my crotch at any second here.  It is not a good feeling and I keep trying to tell him you are a c section buddy so no need to go towards the light.

The count down is def on now though. 9 days and a wake up is all I have to get through.  It really can not come fast enough.

Doctors appt at 2 today.  I can only hope things get moved up, but that's just me being delusional.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

11 days and a wake up!

I don't even remember what it feels like not being pregnant anymore.  Having these 2 boys back to back has been REALLY hard on me and has been even worse on my body.  Pretty sure this gallbladder is coming out after the kiddo and the kidney stones were just a joy back in January.  I swear everything that could go wrong has went wrong.  ALMOST DONE THOUGH :)

Tubal ligation here I COME.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

As far as the candle making goes...

it never happened. all of the supplies are shoved into one of the closets. sad.
i was pretty excited about starting all of that. before i know it i will be having the baby on may 18th and it will be MONTHS before i get around to that now because of the c section.

More bad shit.

Just came back from the OB GYN and not only do I have to worry about the Hand Mouth & Foot disease that we all caught from my kids daycare, but now I have Strep B.
Now if my water breaks before my scheduled c section R.J. can be messed up if he catches that too.

I swear I am going to get the fucking chicken pox too now since I have never had any of this other crap.

And for everyone that asks why I am getting my tubes tied at 28 THIS IS WHY.