Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mother Natures JOKE

So before you have a baby everyone tells you to get as much sleep as possible...
like I haven't done this before or anything... remember I do have a 13 month old.
Are you serious?  The amount of pain I am in and how HUGE I am it is impossible to rest, let alone SLEEP.  I am pretty convinced it is all one big joke.

Every time I get up or even move it feels like this kid is about to make his entrance, i.e. fall out of my crotch at any second here.  It is not a good feeling and I keep trying to tell him you are a c section buddy so no need to go towards the light.

The count down is def on now though. 9 days and a wake up is all I have to get through.  It really can not come fast enough.

Doctors appt at 2 today.  I can only hope things get moved up, but that's just me being delusional.


  1. yea sleep is important... hope you get some well rested sleep soon!