Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Not your typical Mom

After reading a friends post I started thinking about how different I am than other moms.  I CAN NOT WAIT until my kids are out of the baby stage.  If I could fast forward this year I would in a second.  I am not thrilled with babies, mine or anyone elses.  They are too needy and boring to me, haha.  That doesn't mean that I don't take care of my kids or that I don't love them.  I love them to death and I would do anything for them.

However, I am really looking forward to being able to do things with them like putt putt golf, go carts, carnivals, sports, holidays (especially Halloween), ect.  That's the stuff I just want to jump into... lets skip all the stuff before that though.

I was the person who strategically left the room before the baby that was getting passed around the room got even close to me.  I was the person that NEVER wanted kids and really meant it.
When people asked me a couple years ago if I had kids in passing conversation I replied HELL NO. That was how adamant I was on not having kids.  When people find out that I am now considered a breeder they can't believe it.  I was the last one who ever imagined this life for me.

Now that I have a 15 month old and 1 month old I obviously have had quite the life adjustment.  There was a big oops in Vegas with my boyfriend of 4 years whom later became my husband and the father of my 2 sons.  It happens.

Once I had one I had to have the second because only children are either assholes or weirdos.  I can pick out only children in a line up.  I also wanted Ray Ray to always have someone there for him.

There will only be 2 because I had my tubes tied at the time of my second c section.  Pregnancy is horrible and I am glad that I will NEVER have to go through that again.  Read my earlier posts if you need to know why.

Now that I am a mom I have slightly changed.  I know that my life is no longer about me, it is now about the kids.  That's a hard adjustment for me because I am really selfish, haha. I will do my best to make sure that they have a great childhood and know that they are loved.  They will always have me in their corner and I will be there to encourage them.  It's not their fault that their mom didn't plan on having kids so there's no need to make their lives suck.  In fact, their lives are going to be great because I plan on giving them everything I didn't have.

You kids better not be assholes!

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