Monday, May 14, 2012

4 Days

All I have to do is just wake up on Friday and this will be coming to a close.  Granted having a c section before it is not easy knowing exactly what I will have to go through all over again...
the procedure, recovery time, all of it.

Yeah, I don't have to push, but I am messed up for MONTHS.  It took me 11 weeks after the surgery to be able to stand up without my insides feeling like they were going to fall out of my incision.

The joys of being a disabled vet.  My physical therapist told me that if I tried pushing out the big ass kids that we produce there would be a chance of going paralyzed with my current back issues from Iraq.
I would do it all over again, but in all honesty C SECTIONS SUCK.

I would like to be able to just fast forward a week since it will probably be Monday before I am released from the hospital.  I am not sentimental so LET'S JUST SKIP ALL THE CRAP.

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